Kid phrases

squishy – slushy

Smashed potatoes – mashed potatoes 

Cranky pants – crabby joes restaurant 

Warmer – if something is hot it means colder, if something is cold it means hotter


i know without question that these are the best days of my life.  Some of them are hard. They’re stressful and noisy. There’s lots of fights and frustrations. But I know I am going to look back and miss these days for the next fifty years. 

The past was great but I didn’t know. I look back and it was simple and free.  Days of few responsibilities and endless possibilities. I regret not taking advantage of them more. I miss the openness of it. In those days I never envisioned a family. Figured it wasn’t for me. I was going to pursue some path and see where it took me. But one day I met a beautiful woman and things changed.  It was like she was always supposed to be in my life, I just hadn’t realized it until she was there. Having kids went from sounding alien, to scary, to somehow.. appealing.  3 kids later and again I’d been caught by surprise – being a dad is the most important piece of my self-identity. It’s more fun and fulfilling than I can even explain. 

I know there will be amazing days in the future too. My kids are going to grow to become amazing people and I’ll be so proud to see them find thier way into thier own lives. But they are here now. Soon they will begin to explore the world on thier own and then they’ll be off. But right now they are here. They want to spend thier days with us. And so do I.  I want to laugh and play and be silly and soak in as many memories as I possibly can. Because these days are short, and fifty years sounds like a long time.